Alan, Sheri, and MTK sitting
Our first meet-up with other walkers: Alan and Sheri with MTK
in the Seoul airport, at the gate for our flight to Hanoi

Saturday, 5 November:
a fraction of a day

Because of the geometry of travel across the International Date Line, this day had very few hours for us. We arrived in Seoul only in the evening, having left Los Angeles on Friday evening.

As we entered the gate-area for our flight out of Seoul, we wondered whether we would see any of our fellow walkers there. Sure enough, the tell-tale yellow boot tag appeared, and its owner was Sheri. We introduced ourselves, and settled down for a chat; before long, Alan showed up. He and Sheri have been on several Country Walkers trips together, even having met that way, and are old friends by now.

Our room in Hanoi

Our room (big image, small).

We were met at the airport of Hanoi by a CW representative, who took us to our hotel, the In­ter­con­tin­en­tal, which was, as we’ve come to expect, truly elegant. We settled ourselves in without difficulty, and were ready for the next day after a good sleep.