Usually, you don’t catch anything as fleeting as these butterflies,
but I still wish that the picnic tables hadn’t been in the way. (22 seconds)

Saturday, November 12:
after the hike and into evening

Barb spreads her arms wide beside a gigantic-leaved plant

Barb for comparison beside Audrey III (big image, small). I think it might actually be Giant Taro (Alocasia macrorrhizos.

bloody sock

Mark points to the blood at his ankle. I didn’t get any pictures of my own wound, but Mark did. That little nubbin is his own private leech. They could appear much larger than that.

After the hike, which really was very demanding—both Leah and I needed support as we descended the slick and treacherous down-slopes—it was good to rest. My journal says, «At the end of the trail, the place where we ministered to our pierced ankles was a broad open space with picnic tables and sodas available. We sat there, relaxing, before we went on.

«And we went on to lunch below an extremely high waterfall with a good strong flow besides. Full of tourists from everywhere, almost all taking phone shots, more than half of these being selfies. I took a lot of stills and movies, too.»

In point of fact, I took only a few stills, but lots of movies, most of them not at all interesting. The first of them, below, shows the falls and then people on the bridge taking their pictures. The second gives an idea of the total height of the falls.

The falls, with tourists. (32-second clip) The falls. (19-second clip)
The photos below were all taken after dinner
looking at fabric

Steve and Julie (big image, small).

looking downward

Gwen and Audra (big image, small).

two look at fabrics

Tom and Carol (big image, small).

kneeling, examines tiny handicrafts I

Lyn wonders whether… (big image, small).

Let me resume from the point in my journal where I say a word about our meal below the falls: «We got the usual semi-family service, with (as I recall) four courses plus rice, and beer, which was greatly appreciated. Sat for a good while, did our touristy things, and went back to the hotel.

«Dinner was at 7:30, giving plenty of time for us to shower off and clean the muddiness and sweat out of our stuff. Mr. Hung had taken the mud-encased hiking boots of all of us, and was going to see to cleaning them off; M took our walking sticks and soaked them in the bathroom sink after both of us had done our best to wash the blood out of our socks there. And I wore my completely sweat-soaked shirt into the shower with me to at least rinse the sweat and salt away. Mark washed the zip-away lower legs of his hiking pants, but I decided to leave this chore till later. In the event, I used my hair-brish to brush away the well-dried mud. This was very persistent—even getting it off the long-soaked walking sticks proved difficult.

«We were bussed to our restaurant and were seated at two tables: one for six, one for twelve. We sat across from Gwen and Steve, while Audra and Julie were at the end of the table, next to Steve and me. The food was very good, especially a chicken curry and a piece of fish steamed in banana leaf.

«After the meal, we walked back to the hotel through a market street that we had passed through, going to and coming from our hike. People were closing up shop, but I think that all of us got some good snapshots.»

little toyish things arranged on the ground

Tiny cute purchaseables (big image, small).

two folks chatting, two others staring out into space

Terry, Albert, Toby, Barb (big image, small).

carved wooden elephants

The three-headed beasts bring up the rear (big image, small).

maybe a shrine

I’m guessing that this was a shrine (big image, small).

a stack of fabric with woven-in pattern

Nicely patterned fabrics (big image, small). I used this shot for the background pattern of the site.

another stack of fabric

More nice fabrics (big image, small).

many-headed dragon

This is Nāga, who wishes us a good evening (big image, small).

And from there, it was back to the hotel, and to bed for an early wake-up for the next day’s adventure. Read about it.