MTK in the United Lounge
Layover in Newark, enjoying the privileges of First Class.
(A somewhat larger version is available,
as well as a much larger one.)

We get on the way to Scotland

By using our accumulated frequent flyer miles, we got upgraded to First Class for the transatlantic flight. As I recall, this upgrade held for the jump from Twin Cities to Newark, but that was less important. On an overmight flight, as we had planned to do it, having the fully-reclining seats and the greater amount of room (not to mention the far better food) was a vast improvement over the cramped seat-placement in Tourist.

Looking down on the Food Court

Another advantage, certainly less important, is that with an in­ter­na­tion­al first-class ticket, you can wait in the fancy lounge that’s ordinarily reserved for Gold or Platinum Elite flyers. And that’s where you see Mark in the snapshot above.

Not much opportunity to take pictures there, but I did walk around the Lounge with my camera fitted with its super-wide-angle lens, actually a fish-eye, which means that staight lines usually get imaged as curves. And I peered down into the Food Court to take the picture to the left (big image, small).

It was a long layover in Newark, for reasons having to do with the effects of the “sequester” on flight delays, especially at Newark, where there are always delays, but we got onto our flight in due time, and settled into our seats, with the expectation of seeing morning in Edinburgh.