Four generations in the
Aronson-Lubin family

Four generations in the family

This picture shows four generations of women in the Lubin-Aronson family. Left to right, my cousin Avrienne Aronson, her grandmother (and mine) Celia Aronson Lubin, my aunt Frances Lubin Aronson, and my great-grandmother Bessie Deborah Aronson. My guess is that Avrienne was born around 1912, and that she’s three years old here, so that would make the picture date to about 1915, when my father would have been twelve.

I got the picture from Virginia a few years before her death, it’s a print sized eight by ten or so. I scanned it to a very large file (over four megs), but you can see the result in an intermediate size. If you want the huge file, contact me.

When I first saw this picture, I said to Virginia in some surprise, “My great-grandmother is wearing a sheitel!” My mother seemed to think that this was not so surprising, especially since the family stories make it clear that my father’s grandparents were Orthodox.

I think it’s very interesting that Frances shows clear resemblance to most of her brothers and sisters, but not so clearly to her mother. On the other hand, looking at this picture of my grandmother, I think immediately of her nephew David Aronson.

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